You can now support Oht L'Olam and Rabbi Bar-Ami is several different ways!

First, buy his work by contacting Eilat Brenner by phone or email.
In the U.S. 305-606-9732 or via Email

Second, Oht L'Olam is a I.R.S. designated 501-c3 Non-Profit Organization. Any
cash donation can be deducted on your annual tax return. Contact your tax
advisor for details.

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As the economics of our countries become more and more difficult, charitable
institutions are striving to find alternative ways of support.

We are making available Rabbi Bar-Ami's Art, his new BOOK!, Jewish Energy
Healing seminars, and personal consultations.

Please consider participating in one of these wonderful mitzvot to support the
excellent work Rabbi Bar-Ami is doing with people all over the world!

Thank you for your support,
Rabbi Bar-Ami
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